Founded in 2012 by Brothers Matt and Andrew Brodrick, Freenote began with denim and expanded from there, while keeping denim the foundation of their brand. One thing I like about Freenote Cloth is that even though they have a full blown clothing line, they treat the crafting of their denim like it was the only thing they do. One thing they particularly pay close attention to, is the fit. Not just the dimensions of cut but how it actually hugs and shapes around the wearer.

I had been talking with Andrew via email and got a chance to meet Matt along with David Strong, in Las Vegas at the Liberty Fairs trade show in August. Very cool guys who know their stuff. After hanging out for a bit and talking up a denim storm, they invited me to come and vist their headquarters in the historic district of San Juan Capistrano, a town that embodies the rancho era of territorial California. I jumped at the opportunity and a couple of weeks later I was pulling into the parking lot of Freenote Cloth.

Upon arriving, I was greeted warmly buy the crew. Their HQ has a cool vibe of show room meets gentlemen’s lounge, in a cabin. The brands vision and inspiration are clearly represented in the decor. Authentic American culture and its timeless style icons.IMG_2978 IMG_2979IMG_3037 IMG_3030 IMG_3003

David gave me the full denim tour. I checked out their new and old models, as well as experimental denim that probably won’t ever hit the stores. There was a mixture of Japanese and Cone Denim with hight quality craftsmanship. IMG_3019 IMG_3010 IMG_2965  IMG_2972 IMG_2970IMG_2989   IMG_2993IMG_2998IMG_3044  IMG_3050IMG_3060

The Freenote boys hard at work developing new denim!IMG_3007 IMG_3004

A super beaten down pair of Freenote denim.


After taking photo’s and trying on some denim we went and grabbed some mexican food and called it a day. But not without first snagging a pair of there new RIOS SLIM STRAIGHT RAW. Check out the full review HERE.

A big thank you to Andrew, Matt, and David for the hospitality and great denim!

~ The Denim Hound 9-10-16


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