Pigeon Tree Crafting – Vat Dyed Indigo Belt

I first came across Pigeon Tree Crafting on Instagram about 5 months ago. Out of all the leather accessory brands on Insta, PTC was in the small group of brands I kept coming back to. The belts and indigo dyed leather goods just really stood out. I sent a DM to Isaac Paul, owner and sole artisan of PTC. Super cool guy, we quickly struck up conversations about leather, denim and photography. He sent me an invite to a pop up he was having in the valley and I decided to go.
I stepped out of the car and felt the 100˚ air instantly being absorbed into my body. Whisky was the obvious solution, and as they were providing free shoots, I naturally had to partake. I spent about an hour checking out the goods and meeting some of Isaac’s friends and supporters. I picked up an indigo tee, shoelaces and catch-all tray. Not to mention, the order for an indigo belt was in!
Today, I’m very happy to be reviewing a one of a kind Pigeon Tree Crafting x Denim Hound collabo (well sort of, it says my name on it. lol) belt!
Isaac Paul on the origin of his brands name: ‘Pigeon Tree’ came to me when I was looking out from my patio and noticed a telephone pole filled with pigeons, it occurred to me that you almost never see a pigeon in a tree, so in a way, a telephone pole is a pigeons tree. Both the telephone pole and the pigeon are messengers; I want my products to tell a story, and to help you tell yours.

All PTC goods are dyed by hand without the use of tape or guidelines, so there are subtle differences in each product, as you would expect from a handmade product.

The Pigeon Tree Crafting, made to order, handmade indio belt.img_5555

  • 1.25″ 10oz full grain vegetable tanned USA leather
  • Bespoke sized
  • Teardrop holes
  • Fully submerged in indigo vat, oxidized 3 times.
  • Beeswax hand finished edges
  • Nickel plated brass quick release “firefighter” buckle.
  • Pigeon Tree Crafting imprint
  • Hand lettered The Denim Hound imprint

img_5560  img_5570 img_5573img_5565

First Impressions: A very well crafted, beautiful belt. There’s a difference between this indigo belt and other indigo belts. By the nature of the leather being truly vat dyed, and not just made from an “indigo” colored hide, it will wear and fade differently. The buckle dates back to the 1800’s, and was originally used by Firefighters to buckle the firehose for quick access.

Isaac Paul and The Denim Hound


~The Denim Hound 10-14-16


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