The Albatross Brand is a no nonsense leather goods brand. Their team that stretches across the US, and then some. The Albatross Brand products are designed in Cape Cod and have members of their team stationed throughout the Midwest.  They have a combined 20 years of experience sourcing leather, working in tanneries, constructing and hand sewing carry goods. Even with this kind of a background they aren’t above collaborating with other experts to create something special. They hired 4th generation leather artisans in Southern Mexico, Amish leather workers in the US, and European engineers to produce The Albatross Brand.

The Albatross Brand tests every new product for 6-12 months before adding it to their lineup. That is how they can be sure enough of their products to offer a 3 Generation guarantee.  They also offer free shipping on all products to the lower 48 states

“We are aiming to be the go to brand for people who want really high quality heirloom products but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg. Our costs are low so we don’t have a huge budget for elaborate made up stories about running around in Mexico being chased by the cartels. We just use the best quality materials and cut out the bs.” ~ Ed of The Albatross Brand

Bi-fold // Natural 

Leather: Hand selected hides featuring full grain vegetable tanned leather produced from North American Steerhide.


  • Die cut parts to ensure perfect form and function every time
  • 3 cord waxed polyester stitching sewn on Campbell sewing machines
  • Sanded, beveled, burnished, and wax sealed edges

First Impressions: This wallet is solid! Clean stitching, well finished edges and a nice thick leather with a clean surface. Feels nice and sturdy in your hand.

IMG_0658 IMG_0655 IMG_0647

You can purchase the Bi-Fold Natural here.

Slim Card Sleeve // Super Black

Leather: Drum dyed North American Steerhide,


  • Dyed all the way through the leather. The color will never fade.
  • Measures 2.5” x 4” x 1/8”.
  • Made in Mexico by 5th and 6th generation artisans.
  • 3 cord waxed polyester stitching sewn on Campbell sewing machines
  • Sanded, beveled, burnished, and wax sealed edges


You can purchase this Slim Card Sleeve here.

I’m looking forward to putting the three generation guarantee to the test!

~The Denim Hound 8-4-16


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