The Grateful Crane is a Korean denim brand started in 2016 by Hur Jungun, as well as Bespoke Denim, his taylor made denim brand. This is the first time I’ve reviewed denim made in Korea and I’m excited to see what The Grateful Crane has to offer.

Cut: A slim but comfortable, lightly tapered cut. Low rise and shorter inseam.

Measurements: Waist 32.5″, rise 9.75″, back rise 14.5″, thigh 11.5″, knee 8.4″, hem 7.75, inseam 32.5″

Fabric: 13.5oz One-wash right hand twill selvedge denim from Collect Co. Rope dyed warp and white weft. A hairy denim full of subdued slub and occasional nep. A nice irregular indigo color can be seen in the sunlight. Very comfortable and soft from day 1.


  • Custom buttons and rivets
  • No leather patch
  • The Grateful Crane tab on back pocket
  • YKK custom rivets desinged to symbolize the eyes of a crane
  • Faded pink and white selvedge ID
  • Exposed selvedge ID watch pocket
  • Yellow stitching with red bartack accents
  • UJ core thread
  • Hidden rivets on back pockets
  • YKK branded button tacks
  • Diagonal bar tacks on outseems and watch pocket
  • Union Special 43200g chain stitched hem


First Impressions: I really like the denim fabric used on this pair, It has a very nice texture and color depth of slightly irregular indigo. The construction is pretty good, but the stitching could be a little bit cleaner. I really like the Grateful Crane logo on the waistband and back pocket tab. The back pockets are a bit small for my tastes, I wish they were a little larger. I would call this more of an Asian cut, as it has a lower rise, looser legs and shorter inseam. The fit is a bit looser but still nicely tapered. With the light weight denim it is a good option for relaxed summer days. All in all a nice pair of jeans with some unique details, great for an entry level raw denim pair or a denim enthusiast looking to add some variety to their collection.

Check out the Grateful Crane website here.

~ The Denim Hound