Japan Blue’s original selvedge denim is released in their newest cut. If you would like to read an in depth brand spotlight on Japan Blue click here.

Cut: High Tapered cut. Mid to high rise with roomy thighs and a strong taper down the leg.

Measurements (size 31): Waist 32.5″, rise 10.6″, back rise 15″, thigh 12″, knee 8.75″, hem 7″, inseam 35″. Very little, to no shrinkage with a hot soak.

Fabric: Japan Blue’s original 14.8oz US Vintage Selvage sourced by Collect Co. from Shinya Mills. A Sanforized 6×6 weave using 100% Texas cotton. The warp is rope dyed with pure indigo with a slight red-cast. Rampuya, Japan Blue’s dying compay, allowed some of the dye to penetrate to the core of the yarn. Although this denim is still a moderately fast fader with a medium contrast, the warp will fade to a light blue as opposed to the high contrast seen with a pure white yarn core. You will see sharp, vintage style fades in a much shorter time than with a Cone Mills denim, for example. Hi tension spun yarn and a tight weave make for a very rigid and strong denim. The denim creases very sharply, especially after a soak. There is a small to medium sized slub yarns used in the warp and weft, creating a nice subtile crosshatch pattern. This denim is the perfect middle ground between Japanese denim texture and US denim strength.


  • Indigo leather patch
  • Sashiko pocket bags
  • Copper stitching
  • Japan Blue branded, Original Antique Gold rivets and hardware
  • 5 button fly
  • Ploy copper stitching
  • Red line on white selvedge ID
  • Peekaboo selvedge ID on the watch pocket
  • Bar tacked back pockets

First Impressions: I really like this denim, it’s easy to see why Japan Blues original flagship denim is still around. Because of Japan Blue’s Monster or Godzilla denim, this is one of their underrated and less talked about fabrics. Holding this pair for the first time, it is heavy and stiff. After a soak the denim becomes nice and hairy, a trademark characteristic from denim sourced by Collect Co. The stitching around the button holes is very tight, clean and well done. In fact, the stitching overall is very clean and well done. Details like two-tone, cotton wrapped poly, different sized thread is forgone to keep the cost of the jeans down. But with the Peekaboo selvedge on the watch pocket, the Sashiko pocket bags, and the Japan Blue branded buttons and hardware, there are plenty of details to intrigue. Even with a denim collection close to 100 pairs, this pair holds a spot of its own in my rotation.

JB0601 worn with the Japan Blue Indigo Check shirt and PF Flyers.

I will be rocking this pair for years to come. Available at Okayama Denim, Denimio, and Blue Owl Workshop.

~ The Denim Hound 4-18-17