Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Voyej crafts leather goods that apply Indonesian, American and Japanese materials to construct high quality, Indonesian style wallets and leather goods. Over the past 6 years, Voyej has had a huge success exporting their leather goods worldwide. There is an American workwear appeal to their wallets, but they are also infused with a distinct, Indonesian style.

Founded by five university friends who frequently scoured the Darahkubiru forum. They were intrigued by the brand Koko wallets. When Koko folded they were inspired to start their own brand. In 2011, Voyej was born.

“We have used various type of leather from local and well known international tannery such as Chahin, Horween, and Hermann Oak. Alongside leather, in order to create high quality products, we use hardware made by local artisan and also from USA and Japan.”

Here I have the pleasure of reviewing three pieces from Voyej:

Notebook II – Admiral Blue

Discovery IV – Black

Rover III – Black