546zr Day 1Fabric: 20oz unsanforized American cotton selvedge raw denim woven by master weaver Oishi-San in Japan. Rope dyed with pure indigo. Cut and sewn in Japan.

After my successful purchase of the 507KHN’s I was feeling comfortable with Denimio’s sizing chart. I was eager to get my hands on ONI’s “Secret Denim”. I heard Mr. Oishi is the only one who knows how this fabric is made. So I put in another order and 4 days later the package arrived!


First Impressions: This fabric defiantly lives up to the hype. The hairiest and most neppy denim I’ve ever felt! Not as slubby as the 506KHN but I think thats a good thing. It would probably be overkill. The slub that is there is mostly in the indigo warp and gets a bit over shadowed by the nep and hair. The brown weft seeps through the warp. It’s a mossy looking denim. The loose weave gives the denim a nice think feel. Rough, ridged and a little scratchy. Seems like it will get very soft in the years to come.

546zr Day 1 5 546zr Day 1 4 546zr Day 1 3 546zr Day 1 2

Putting them on, the fit of the waist, rise and thighs is perfect.

546zr Day 1 6  546zr Day 1 8 546zr Day 1 7

There was a little extra room in the legs and some length I wanted to get rid of so I hot soaked from around the knee down.


They shrank more in length than width. The after pic’s have one less roll in the cuff.Oni 546zr fit comparrison 3 shrink chart oni 546ZR

Will update you on the progress on these beautiful jeans.

~ The Denim Hound 4-14-16