Cut: Mid/high rise with roomy thighs and mild taper down the leg. I’d say this cut in a similar style as the 501.


Fabric: KUROKI WAKONAI® (Japan Spirit-Indigo). 130z sanforized 100% cotton right hand twill selvedge denim, exclusively developed by Kuroki. A very flat surfaced denim with a slightly rough feel. Natural indigo warp with white weft. High tension yarns are woven together in a medium tight weave. The highlight of this denim is the beautiful shade of natural indigo that is made to be out in the sunshine.

  • Thick vegtanned leather patch
  • YKK Universal zipper fly
  • Copper branded rivets
  • Blue woven Kojima Genes pocket tab
  • Blue and white selvedge ID
  • Hidden selvedge on watch pocket
  • Orange cotton wrapped poly stitching

First Impressions: A very clean pair with minimal details. Very comfortable, with a stunning natural indigo color. Well made with very clean stitching. The Kojima Genes patch is definitely one of my favorites. The stitching around the bottom of the patch could be a bit cleaner. A loose and comfortable pair, perfect for sunny summer days. Not to mention, this is probably the least you will ever pay for made in Japan jeans with natural indigo.


You can check out the latest offerings by Kojima Genes x SF at Atriumsf.com

~ The Denim Hound 8-24-17