The passion for raw denim can drive us to want to share the love. Arbeit Jeans out of Indonesia is striving to make raw denim affordable enough to be accessible to the every day workers of its home country. Being in business for under a year, the brand is still very much in its beginning stages and are still laying their foundation.

These Dragon Blood 14oz non-selvedge jeans have an interesting fabric, almost like chinos. With simple and clean details like veg tanned leather patch and tucked belt loops, Arbeit keeps the cost down and passes along the savings to those who want to enter the world of raw denim.

The name Arbeit comes from the Dutch language, meaning labour. The double axe logo is a nod to the dwarf which is known as being a very hard worker. The upcoming third model of Arbeit will be the first to feature selvedge denim.

Although Arbeit is not yet at the level of their Japanese or American counterparts, just remember, the denim brands you know and love today all started somewhere. Keep an eye on Arbeit, their passion can lead anywhere.

~The Denim Hound

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