Naked and Famous consistently offers up wide selections of interesting and exotic denim at a reasonable price. A perfect starting point for anyone looking to get into raw denim. An equally intriguing brand for exploring denim enthusiast looking to try out specific characteristics in denim such as: left-hand twill, broken twill, alternating mixed twill, double-weaves, W-weaves, big slub or super nep.

Founded in 2006 by second generation denim enthusiast Brandon Svarc, Naked & Famous Denim uses only the most unique and rare denim fabrics from prestigious mills in Japan that are committed to producing only the best denim in the world.

I think a lot of people have a misconception of N&F because of some of their denim experiments such as Reflective Denim, Thermo Denim. But when I think of N&F I think of the beautiful fabrics in models such as Okayama Spirit, Elephant 5, MIJ3, 32oz. and of their collaborations with brands such as: Oni, Big John and Burgus Plus.

“Throughout each step in denim production (weaving, dyeing, finishing) the mills use a combination of old school and modern methods and practices. So much culture and history is poured into the fabric so that it can be appreciated by the denim purist. We keep all our jeans raw and simple. No washes, no embroidery, no gimmicks… just the best fabric in the world combined with modern fits. We have eliminated these costly after-effects, and have stripped down our jeans to the core essentials. Now true denim heads and newcomers alike can enjoy these special fabrics at a reasonable price. The brand name Naked & Famous is “a satire of our celeb-obsessed culture. We aim to poke fun at “Hollywood” and “Glamour” brands that sell jeans for $300 and up solely because they are celebrity endorsed, and not because they are higher quality. Our logo is reminiscent of 1950`s Pop-Art. Early Pop-Artists depicted the ‘ideal blond’ as a satire of mass media and mass culture, then fed it right back to them. We intend to do the same.”

The Elephant Series

Elephant series

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~ The Denim Hound 4-9-16