The Site

Thedenimhound.com posts thorough reviews, illuminating photographs, and the occasional visit to various world class denim destinations. All presented in the attempt to bring you one step closer the denim you’re searching for. All words and images by Denim Hound unless otherwise noted. Have a denim question? Ask The Denim Hound by emailing: [email protected]

How The Blog Was Born

The Denim Hound started when his girlfriend was fed up hearing him relentlessly talk on and on about denim, trying to teach her stuff about it.

She said, “I don’t want to hear anything else about denim! You need to start a blog or something.” He laughed it off but the thought stuck with him.

A few weeks later she walked in on him sniffing some jeans to see if they needed a wash.

“Your like a dog!” 

“I’m a denim hound!”

Later that day he launched the Instagram feed @denimhound. After a month or so he realized that he need a platform to go into more extensive detail. Thedenimhound.com was born.

About The Hound

The Denim Hound is here to be your companion and aid on the hunt for the worlds best denim. He is half Japanese and half Irish, born and raised in California. The Denim Hound currently lives in Los Angeles, smack dab in the middle of a little denim paradise.

“I’m lucky to be able to walk to world class denim shops such as Self Edge, American Rag Cie., General Quarters and Mister Freedom. I spend countless hours at second hand/vintage shops, flea markets and retail stores as well as scouring the internet for notable and interesting fabrics. I hope my research and experiences will be of aid to you on your journey. I hope you join me on the hunt for raw denim!” ~ The Denim Hound